China and Chinese culture


Expat training

For expats going to China or dealing with Chinese: knowledge of the country and its culture is crucial for happiness and success.

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Workshops and lectures, online or live, for various target groups and on various China and Chinese culture related subjects.


Chinees cultuurplein

Gwendolyn is editor, organizer and contributor of the knowledge website for higher education on China and Chinese culture.


Gwendolyn is chairperson of Levende Talen Chinees and is a steering committee member of Nuffic Netwerk Chinees. She gives workshops at Leiden University, Onderwijsnetwerk Zuid-Holland, Levende Talen Studiedag, with subjects such as: The cultural domain of Chinese Language and Culture, Intercultural competence in the Chinese language Classroom, Linguistics in the language lesson, Motivation, Vocabulary enrichment, Chinese literature in the lesson.  She has been a guest speaker at the Minor International Business at NHL Stenden University of Applied science since many years.

In 2019 she was part of a group of experts invited by the Shanghai Putuo Educational Bureau to give workshops on the Dutch educational system.


Cross-cultural communication

For Chinese expats in the Netherlands and Dutch expats going to China: knowledge of the country and its culture is crucial for happiness and success. Gwendolyn works for the Academisch Talencentrum Leiden University which trains Dutch embassy personnel, while she also is a certified Berlitz Cultural Consulting Trainer.


Some comments

"The cultural training we received from Gwendolyn before we left for our China assignment was an excellent introduction to this new and really different world. In a brief period we gained many insights in Chinese history, rules of conduct and the way of doing business that have helped us a lot to make a good start there"
Ian ter Haar
General Manager Vopak Shanghai
“The way she explained the notion of culture was the best I heard since studying here in the Netherlands. I was also impressed by how unique and deep insights she has about Chinese history, philosophy, education and upbringing in China.”
Xiao Ying
Student at NHL Stenden
"In the Minor International Business we focus on the BRIC countries. The one-day workshop 'Communicating the Chinese Way' gives insight into China and the students are provided with the tools to be able to do business in China. Gwendolyn certainly knows how to captivate the students of NHL University of Applied Sciences "
Gerben Dijkstra
NHL Stenden

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Bridging Cultures


Bridging Cultures